When you add an Uncorked Commerce eShop subscription, you automatically receive a web address with one of our Standard Domain Names (uncorkedcommerce.com or cloudretailer.com).  In many cases, you may also wish to host your eShop with a Custom Domain Name, like "shop.yourdomain.com".  This article will help walk you through the steps needed for this to work properly and securely.

NOTE: A Custom Domain Name can be added to your Uncorked Commerce eShop instance.  For each Custom Domain Name we charge a Setup Fee of $190.00 and then $7.00 / month.  Please contact sales@rite.us for more info.

NOTE: We offer the service of hosting a Custom Domain Name via DNS CNAME.  We do not currently offer the service of setting up, hosting or configuring full Domain Name or DNS entries.  We also do not currently support top-level/SOA/@ records.  This means we can hapily host shop.yourdomain.com, but we cannot host yourdomain.com.


Notify the RITE sales team of the Custom Domain Name

  1. Send an email to sales@rite.us with the following info:
    1. Subject: 
    2. In the body include:
      1. Your Company Name
      2. Your Cloud Retailer Instance
      3. Your eShop Standard Name
      4. Your desired Custom Domain Name
  2. Our team will process your order and get the ball rolling with the technical changes on our end.

Add a CNAME Record to your DNS Provider

NOTE: The steps required to add a CNAME entry to your DNS provider vary widely.  The following instructions speak in generic terms.  Please check the documentation for your specific DNS Provider on how to add a CNAME recrod for your domain.
  1. Log into  your DNS Settings Provider
  2. Add a new CNAME to your domain with the following values:
    • Name: shop.yourdomain.com
    • Alias To: yourinstance.uncorkedcommerce.com
    • TTL: 1800