The procedure below shows how to add pictures to products. This is useful for eshops if the product has no stock picture or if you want to use your own picture to appear for the product instead.


There are two ways to add pictures:

Please use jpg or png picture files.

I. The first way is to add it from the product page.

1. Go to the desired product page. (Products - Catalog; search for the product and open that product). 

2. Look for the Product images component on the product page. It looks like the picture below. If you don't see this, check if you are logged in as an admin or contact Rite tech support so we can add this to the product page.

II. The second way is to upload images in bulk.

1. Go to tools -> import tools.

2. Look for the product images on the left hand side.

3.  Please make sure to follow the instructions on the right hand side above the "Drop files here to upload" box.

4. We suggest to do this for a few products first to make sure that your file is uploading properly.

We can help you with uploading the images as a billable task.